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Protesters march through downtown Vancouver to denounce Imperial Metals' Mount Polley negligence

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Although the company lately stated the drinking water had been 'nearly drinkable' and also that the situation had stabilized, experts declared Imperial Metals' gold along with copper-mining procedure most likely put materials like arsenic, lead, and selenium are generally most likely within the toxic tailings. 

The Secwepemc Women's Warrior Society led a new rally these days to always be able to protest Imperial Metals, the organization responsible for that Mount Polley tailing ponds disaster which usually http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vancouver spilled 10.5 million cubic metres involving toxic tailings water near Likely, BC last week. the spill additionally put 4.5 million cubic metres regarding contaminated sediment straight into Polley Lake, Hazeltine Creek and also in to Quesnel Lake.

The environmental disaster resulted in a ban about drinking water inside the area along with First Nation leaders within the region issuing an angling ban order because of for you to feasible contamination involving fish. 

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